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A selection of short stories on the history of Hylands House
  • Gooch Family:
    Coronation Celebrations

    ' The whole country was excited in June 1911 as on 22nd June it was the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary of Teck. The following article is from the parish magazine of St Mary’s, Widford '
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    Gooch Family: Coronation Celebrations
  • A Belgian Patient at Hylands in ww1

    ' On 4th November 1914, Private Karel Louis Joseph Steylemans of 1st Grenadiers, Belgian Army, was admitted to Hylands Military  Hospital suffering from shrapnel wounds in the hand '  
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    A Belgian Patient at Hylands in ww1
  • Lady Gooch opens Writtle Village Hall

    ' The Attwood Fund was a sum given by one of Sir Daniel Gooch’s predecessors at Hylands more than 60 years ago, as to put it in plain English, a bribe not to oppose the closing of a road though Hylands '
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    Lady Gooch opens Writtle Village Hall
  • Mrs Hanbury's Kitchen Garden
    ' They had a long lean-to house, great big plant house, fernery, carnation house, vinery, various frames and such like.  They used to grow melons and all luxuries like that '
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    Mrs Hanbury's Kitchen Garden
  • The Hanbury Years - 1920s

    ' The 1920s were a busy time for Christine Hanbury.  In 1922 her husband bought Hylands for £17,500 '
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    The Hanbury Years - 1920s
  • Through The Great War at Hylands Military Hospital
    ' At the beginning of the war Sir Daniel and Lady Gooch placed the ground floor of the mansion at the disposal of the military and the whole of the ground floor was given up for the purposes of the hospital, with five wards '
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    Through The Great War at Hylands Military Hospital
  • Arthur Vickris marries in September 1886 and brings his bride to Hylands
    ' The happy event was favoured with brilliant weather – just the kind of day a man would have chosen for his wedding. '
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    Arthur Vickris Pryor Marries
  • Capture of a Great Salmon
    ' Downstream went the fish into the ‘slap’ and there lay up again '
    Capture of a Great Salmon
  • Arthur Pryor buys Hylands and gets involved within the local community
    ‘ to have become the Purchaser by Private Contract of the Hylands Park Estate, including the Mansion and Park, with Pleasure Grounds, ornamental sheets of water, and Shaxton’s, Elms and Lodge Farms, with Residences and Homesteads; and several pieces of accommodation land. ’
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    Arthur Pryor buys Hylands House